Steve Farzam – The Act of Bravery and Other Contributions

Steve Farzam is a well-known personality in Santa Monica. He is the COO of arguably the most popular hotel in Santa Monica, Shore Hotel; but that isn’t the reason he enjoys all the fame that he does.

Steve is actually known for the things he has done for the community. He has a strong desire to give back to the community, and has apparently been doing that right from when he completed his education.

His education, too, was seemingly focused towards this desire, as he got a paramedic certification that allowed him to do some specific community service that otherwise may not have been possible for him.

And while he did give back to the community in many ways, one of the things he did just stands out and has received a lot of praise and appreciation from the community. Let us take a look at exactly what it was below.

Saving a Man by Risking His Own Life

Helping people is something many do, but probably only a few go as far as putting their own life on the line to save someone. And this is what makes Steve look like a true community man, who is willing to put his own life in danger if need be to help someone from the community.

Once Steve Farzam was driving on a freeway, and he suddenly found a vehicle that had met with an accident with the driver critically injured. There was no one around so Steve was left on his own for helping the man stuck inside the vehicle.

By the time Steve could do anything much, the vehicle caught fire already. Of course, not everyone would have had the courage to still continue their effort to save the driver stuck in the vehicle as apparently anyone inside the vehicle was at a great danger.

But Steve probably didn’t care much about that; he just wanted to somehow get the driver out of that situation at any cost, even if that meant ending up on the receiving side of another accident himself. However, luckily, he managed to get someone else to help him too, and they both together managed to get the driver out of the position he was stuck in.

Of course, the job was far from done at that point. The driver had encountered some extremely serious injuries and while help was on its way, it was important to get the man some immediate assistance. And that’s when Steve’s paramedic skills came in handy, as he was able to ensure that the injured driver survived till help arrived, after which they could look after him.

And he did manage to do that successfully. The help arrived soon and the driver was admitted to the hospital. He had a rough day or two when it wasn’t sure whether he would be able to survive the injuries he had encountered. However, he eventually got better and did survive everything he went through.

Needless to say, this was probably the bravest thing Steve has done, and maybe he won’t hesitate if he has to do something like that again in the future. His brave community service earned him a rather rare recognition – the Medal of Valor – which was awarded to him by the supervisors of the Burn Institute of San Diego County Board.

Other Community Service

While what we shared above was probably the most appreciation-worthy thing Steve did, there’s a lot more to his name than just that. When he was out of college, he didn’t bother joining his growing family business or even focusing on his professional career.

He instead joined the Disaster Animal Response Team, and provided his professional services as an EMT. The team’s members were trained professionals who would visit places struck by a disaster to save and evacuate animals.

Steve then decided that he would like to do something different, and joined a team that was helping the victims of the Hurricane Katrina recover from their losses. However, before joining the new community service, he made a generous donation to the Disaster Animal Response Team by donating a Ford Crown Victoria. We can only imagine how much of a help it would have been for the team to save more animals and people.

Steve then visited Louisiana to help people that had been affected by Hurricane Katrina. There have also been reports of Steve making a donation to the Westside Food Bank that feeds many hungry stomachs through the different agencies it has partnered with.


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