Michael LaTour, In Memoriam

Michael (Mike) LaTour served as the editor of the Cornell Hospitality Quarterly (CQ) from 2013 to 2015. It was a job he was destined to have, and like everything else in his life, one that he served with passion. In the 1960s, his dad who worked in food and beverage read the journal and Mike fondly remembered him jabbing his finger at the journal claiming “it was the source of all knowledge.” Back then the journal was about practical aspects of hospitality, such as keeping food safe. The journal, and the study of hospitality, evolved to become more theory based. Mike believed that an applied discipline like hospitality needed to not only build on theories from more basic areas of research but also develop their own theoretical models.

Mike was my husband, best friend, and personal hero. We were also co-authors, and Mike used to joke that being married to one’s co-author is no easy task. But it was something we enjoyed—many of our vacations were for data collection or became sources of ideation. He was fun and curious. He was also stubborn and pushed through negative reviews and feedback with grace. Some of our best …

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